xFenster Demo 2


13Mar2011 - Some improvements. You may need to refresh the page to get the latest changes.
12Mar2011 - Testing xFenster rev 21 with demo 4.


This demo illustrates...

  • Creating fensters from dynamic IFRAMEs.
  • Absolute fensters instead of fixed
  • Different border styles.
  • The IFRAME "mask" feature.

Code & Docs

xFenster rev 21 - view source code, documentation, revision history and more.

The "all" Methods

paintAll(), showAll(), hideAll(), minimizeAll(), maximizeAll(), restoreAll()


  • Demo 1 - fixed fensters from DIVs
  • Demo 2 - absolute fensters from IFRAMEs
  • Demo 3 - absolute fensters from DIVs, in a fence
  • Demo 4 - with a "control menu"

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Ant Macros for X

I use this at work and it is very useful. Read more about the X Tools.

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