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X Documentation

  • X Library Viewer - View documentation, source code, revision history and more for all X symbols.
  • X Quick-Start - Getting started with the X Library.
  • X Tutorial - Collapsible/expandable sections.
  • X Structure - Describes how an X symbol is defined by an xml and js file.
  • X Tools - Summary and revision history for XC, XAG and XPP.
  • XAG Reference - X Library Aggregator.
  • XPP Reference - General Purpose Text Preprocessor.
  • Animation Techniques - This article describes and implements animation techniques that provide for time-based animation, trigonometric acceleration, animation of any CSS property and more.
  • LGPL License FAQ - License and copyright information for X users and contributors.

Misc. Articles

Mostly old stuff...

  • Accessible Javascipt Links - a simple example of how to implement 'A' elements that have both href and onclick attribute values.
  • Event Interface Soup - yum!
  • Where's My Style? - A discussion on the fact that corresponds to the HTML STYLE attribute, not to any styles applied to the element via the ID or CLASS attributes.
  • Closure & Scope - this article presents code which illustrates closures, 'this' scope, private and static properties, methods as event listeners, and more.
  • Javascript Debugging Tips - you don't have to have a debugger to utilize the concepts of watches and breakpoints.
  • X v/s CBE - a discussion of the differences and similarities.
  • How to post code - in UBB forums.
  • Inter-Frame Comm - Communication between frames.
  • Websafe Fonts - How to use "font-family".
  • De What? - Inverting Logical Expressions with De Morgan's Laws.
  • Resolving Onload Conflicts with multiple scripts in the same page.

Even older stuff...



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Forum support is available at the X Library Support Forums.