X Copyright & License Information

For X Users...


Is X free?
Yes, you may download the libraries at no cost - but please read what we mean by free software.

Is there free technical support?
Yes, you can get no-cost technical support at the forums. I welcome your emails when they are bug-reports or suggestions/comments - but I do not provide free email support for your application.

May I use X at work, or in a commercial project?
Yes, you may use the libraries in your business projects, even if that project includes proprietary code, but the X library must retain its GNU LGPL and free status. See the license for details.

May I modify the library?
Yes, you may modify and/or extend the libraries, but the resulting library must retain its GNU LGPL and free status. I have license and copyright comments at the top of each source file. Leave those comments intact and add your own comments explaining your modifications to the file. See the license for details.

Do I have to give you credit?
There is a copyright and license statement at the top of each source file. Please leave that intact. A link back to Cross-Browser.com would be appreciated but is not required.

For X Contributors...


The author of a contribution retains copyright. I do not require copyright assignment for contributions to X. By "contribution" I mean a function, object, or at least 10-15 (or more) lines of code. For details on contribution requirements see the X Structure document.


X is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License). Your contribution must abide by this license.


For more information on copyright, copyleft and what we mean by 'free software' and 'open source', visit the following sites.

GNU Project
Free Software Foundation
Open Source Initiative
U.S. Copyright Office

Tech Support

Forum support is available at the X Library Support Forums.