A Simple Javascript Image Gallery & Slideshow


This script implements a simple Javascript image gallery and slideshow - all in one file. Version 2 does not reload the page, just the images - and it has an auto-slide feature.

All images are Copyright (C) GoneCoastal, and used with their kind permission.


Revision History

26 Jan 05

I've combined the gallery and slideshow into one script. This one file implements all the functionality you see here.

25 Jan 05

CliffHanger9 is helping add some nice features to this demo. Now, after clicking a thumbnail, you go to a slide-viewer page that lets you navigate back and forth through the large images. I've just thrown this up quickly - I'm sure it needs some more work... (and I think I can combine the two scripts into one so there will only be one file which implements both the gallery and the viewer) but that's for later :-)

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