The X Distribution File

It is my pleasure to share my toys with you. All I ask is that you...

  • Respect the LGPL license. If you need to modify any library file leave my copyright and license statement intact and add a comment explaining your modification.
  • Support the developer community by sharing code, participating in forums and helping others.
  • Do not hot-link to any .js (or any other) files on this site. Copy the files to your own site.

Current Version (472KB) - X 4.23, XAG 1.0, XPP 1.0 and Ant macros 1.1.

Revision History

See the xLibrary symbol for revision history and refer to the Announcements forum for more info.

Previous Versions (26Nov2010, 442KB) - X 4.22, XAG 1.0 and XPP 1.0. (11Feb2010, 764KB) - X 4.21, XAG 1.0 and XPP 1.0. (28Jan2010, 753KB) - X 4.20, XAG 0.03 and XPP 0.01. (23Dec2009, 709KB) - X 4.19, XAG 0.02b and XPP 0.01b. (16Feb2009, 614KB) - X 4.18 and XC 1.07. (10Jul2007, 395KB) - X 4.17 and XC 1.06. (335KB)

Astronomy - This is an old demo but everyone seems to like it :-)

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