xSlideShow Demo


xSlideShow is a simple slideshow object.

This demo doesn't use the X library, and it is still a Javascript-only application.


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  ss = new xSlideShow(uInterval, sImgEleId, sImagePath, aFiles, aLinks, aTitles);

  uInterval  - The time in milliseconds for auto-slide.
  sImgEleId  - The IMG element in the HTML.
  sImagePath - The path to be prepended to each image file name.
               It must have a trailing backslash.
  aFiles     - An array of image file names.
  aLinks     - An optional array of URLs for when the image is clicked.
  aTitles    - An optional array of titles for each image.

  If provided, aLinks and aTitles must have the same length as aFiles.

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