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BlueNC had a great idea in this forum topic in which the xPageGrey object is modified to become a modal dialog box object! Very cool! I played with the idea some and this demo is the result.

xModalDialog allows you to "grey" the page and display a dialog box in the center of the window. Effectively it becomes a modal dialog box. Thanks, BlueNC!

This is not too bad for a first implementation, but it has plenty of room for improvement so it is likely that this will evolve over time.

Demo 1

This demo greys the page and displays a modal dialog box.

Run Demo 1

Demo 2

You can have multiple instances per page.

Run Demo 2

Demo 3

In the forum discussion Thomas is putting xModalDialog to good use and he and gebura have some great ideas for improving it. One of those ideas was a replacement for the native "window.confirm" method.

Both Demo 1 and Demo 2 test the Confirm dialog.


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Modal Dialog 1

Modal Dialog 2

Confirm Dialog