X Slider Demo 1

Special thanks to Yvan for inspiring me to dust off this little demo.

This was a CBE demo which I converted to use X. Its a simple implementation that utilizes xEnableDrag().

I threw this together quickly... so it's probably not perfect - but it should give you some ideas :-)

Browser Support

The X core is designed to work with all browsers, Object-detection instead of browser-detection is used exclusively. Currently, I'm testing with the following browsers. X has been tested by others on a wide variety of platforms.

Win7 (Home): IE 9.

WinXP (SP3): Chrome, Firefox 3.5.5, IE 7 & 8, Opera 10.60 and Safari 4.0.3.

Linux (Ubuntu 9.10): Chrome and FireFox 3.5.7.

User Projects

If you are using X, XC or anything from this site, show off your work by posting a link in the X Showcase forum.